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About me

The sun has set and the moon was high,
the 1982 Citizenship Law was kicked in and the Rohingya people were in sigh.
I, Haikal Mansor was born with my family in high,
not knowing the dark journey will draw nigh.
The sky with no star shines,
the people travel the long dark trek of journey in lines.
In the sheer darkness of the world in disgrace,
with eyes wide open, they wander with hearts in race and solace.
With no one dare to raise voice,
I hear noise,
and the eyes gleaming,
the devils come to haunt us,
we keep on the journey through darkness as such.


Hold tight to travel through the Darkness of Modern Age where Genocide against Rohingya being committed in front of the world. This Blog intends to highlight and raise awareness on the slow-burning Genocide taking place in Rakhine State, Burma (now known as Myanmar).
You may visit the following Rohingya News websites (in alphabetical order) where you can find reports on chronic sufferings of Rohingya people – my People. 

ANA news Logo
The news agency was established by Rohingya expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to create awareness of the world’s most persecuted people, in providing and publishing news on the daily lives of the people in the isolated and restricted Arakan State.
ANA produces news in various languages – Arabic, English, Rohingya and Urdu.

Burma Times Logo
Initiated to “highlight the systematically planning of genocidal eradication of Rohingya by Burmese repressive rulers”, the Burma Times rewinds the sufferings of Rohingya community in Myanmar (popularly known as Burma) and covers news in English and Burmese languages on the community from across the world.

RB Logo
Founded in 2005 by U Ba Sein, having moved the way Online Blogging works in sharing Ideas, Thoughts and News. The rest is history! One can read articles, news and analyses on Rohingya in both English and Burmese languages.
It is “dedicated to helping other Rohingya to know their difficulties, share their own experiences and promote the human rights upon their struggle.”

RVision Logo
In order to “disseminate and document Rohingya News, events and issues and to empower Rohingya youth”, RVision was launched in April 21, 2012, barely two months before the ongoing genocide against Rohingya erupted in Myanmar.
Besides covering news and articles on Rohingya, RVision broadcasts a number of programmes in English, Burmese, Rohingya and Arabic which are commonly found in its Youtube Channel.

Stateless Logo Crop 1
Run and founded in the Republic of Ireland in 2012 to “make the world awaken on the matters of Rohingya who are being forced from being ‘Native of Arakan to ‘Statelessness’”
The Stateless Rohingya brings daily news on “the plight of Rohingya” written by Rohingya and Global authors. It also covers historical and cultural aspects of Rohingya including the Rohingya community residing in the Republic.

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Haikal Mansor A Journey Through Darkness
Welcome to my blog - a Rohingya journey through darkness. Feel free to write to me for inquiry or follow me on my social media.