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Naga Min Sitsinyay or ‘Operation Dragon King’: Rohingya Refugees in World Press 1978

 Category: History, Reports  Publisher: Shabbir Hussain  Published: 3 October 1981  Tags: General Ne WinMyanmar GenocideMyanmar MilitaryOperation Dragon KingRohingya |  Download


The increasingly large number of patriotic people of Arakan (Arraccan) will welcome this compilation of documents of 1978 Rohingya Refugees appreared in different leading dailies/weeklies of the civilised world. This compilor deals with the value and importance of research and study or record on the History of Arakan (Roang) and Rohingya people and their legal identity. It is believed that the selected accounts/articles contained in this record book will contribute greatly to a general improvement of the true History of Arakan and its Nationals.

This historical record will be useful not only to the Rohingya people, both in and around, to adjust their growing doom future and look in time at their great problems ahead, but also to the general public to comment the Racism and Racial Discrimination against the Rohingya Muslims of Arakan by the successive Burmese Government is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and is naked violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It represents the tragedy of aggression, brutality and barbarism when they oppress the weak and poor people. To live in Arakan as honourable citizen is our national rights!

If you wan to know the truth & reality about the Muslim Community in Arakan (Burma) and her parst history, it is your most important duty to study its relevant history. History plays an important role in serving one’s religion, people and nation. Undoubtedly an impartial historian of the future will be able to record correctly in the pages of history that Rohingyas are bonafide citizens of Arakan country.

October 3, 1981
Shabbir Hussain