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Burma – The New Era of Hatred & Violence


A country with vast natural resources and prides
A country predominantly embraces Buddhism
A country with more than 135 ethnic groups
A country of multi-religions
Much have been wasted in more than five decades of military rules and numerous civil wars.
The transition of Burma from military to quasi-civilian Democracy brings a “New Era of Hatred & Violence” targeted to Rohingya & Muslim in general.

Failing –
“The democracy process provides for political and social change without violence,” Aung San Suu Kyi.
Forgetting –
“Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit,” Mahatma Gandhi.
Ignoring –
“They are not following Dharma who resort to violence to achieve their purpose,” Buddha.
Hurting –
“The dreams of a unified and free Burma has always haunted me. If we mix religion and politics then we offend the spirit of religion itself,” Independence Hero, General Aung San.
Preaching –
“Whatever you do, do it as a nationalist. See as a nationalistic view. Listen as a nationalistic way. Eat, go and do business as a nationalist,” 969 Monk Wirathu.
The New Era has begun and opened the door for “extremists and radicals” to act in broad daylight: burning mosque, burning alive and hunting to kill.
Hatred towards Rohingya has accumulated for many decades by –
Ne Win
– carried a coup d’état in 1962
– elected as president in 1972 under one-party system
– became Chairman of Burmese Socialist Program Party until 1983
He carried out his “Racist Ideology” by renaming Arakan to Rakhine State, cancelling Rohingya Language Programme, launching military operations against Rohingya in 1967 and 1978 (killing thousands, exiling hundreds of thousands, confiscating lands and destroying villages and religious buildings) and introducing the 1982 Citizenship Law making Rohingya Stateless (restricting freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of education, freedom of health care, freedom of public service).
“An unjust law is itself a species of violence,” Mahatma Gandhi.
Aye Kyaw
– a Rakhine
– a closed friend of Ne Win helping in drafting the 1982 Citizenship Law
“The real violence is committed in writing of history,” Bryant H. McGill.
Aye Chan
– a Rakhine historian
– an author of many inflammatory books on Rohingya
– manipulated history of Rohingya
Than Shwe
– carried out a military coup after 1988 Student Uprisings
– Became Chairman of State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) until 2011
– continued the racist Citizenship Law
– stopped issuing birth-certificates to Rohingya children
– launched “Operation Clean Nation” in 1991 forcing over 250,000 Rohingya to Bangladesh
– Banned travelling outside Arakan State since 2001
– introduced “Two-Child” Policy for Rohingya in 2005
– started fencing of Northern Arakan border in 2009
Aye Maung
– the head of Arakan politics and Rakhine National Development Party (now Arakan National Party)
– claimed to use “Israel Policy” towards Rohingya
– led 2012 Rohingya ethnic cleansing Programme
A New Era for Rohingya began with ethnic cleansing by forcing Rohingya to concentration camps, burning down whole villages, arresting Neo-Nazi style, torturing, killing inhumanely and forcing back and forth across the sea.
– titled “The Face of Buddhist Terror”
– entitled as “Burmese Bin Ladin”
– described as “Notorious Chauvinist”
– founded “969 Neo-Nazi Organization” and Ma Ba Tha which promote inciting hatred, leading violence, killing innocent Muslims, burning mosques and Muslim houses, boycotting business with Muslims, opposing inter-faith marriage, blocking humanitarian supports to Rohingya refugees and asking to deport all Rohingya to a third country.
Mass violence cannot be achieved without the supports of the state.
Thein Sein
– the president of Burma (now defeated by NLD government)
– asked UN to help expelling all Rohingya from Burma
– opposed changing “The 1982 Citizenship Law”
– his government defended “Two-Child Policy” imposed to Rohingya
– legitimate to the views of Rohingya not being from Burma
– not fully allow Humanitarian supports to Internally Displaced Rohingyas
– his government forces widely involved in violence
– allows anti-Rohingya and anti-Muslim violence with impunity
– still allows the big perpetrators to further incite hatred and violence
Who are Rohingya?
– Indigenously Arakanese
– Demographically “Natives of Arakan”
– Historically Citizens of Burma
– We don’t want Burma to be built on “Hatred & Violence”
– We don’t want Burma silently watching “Hatred & Violence”
– We don’t want Burma to be built on the lives of innocent Rohingya
– We want to treat Rohingya like Human as we used to be treated
– We want a new era of respect and peaceful co-existence as our father, General Aung San wished.
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