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Idris – The Lost Student

Idris (or Edress as he preferred to be called) was born in 1986 from Mogul Ahmed, a betel nut seller in a village called Étailla fara, about 3 kilometre from the downtown Maungdaw. He was the second eldest among seven siblings and the most caring and intelligent of all. 

He went to the primary school in Étailla fara, and upon completion of primary education, he was admitted in B.E.H.S No. 1 school Maungdaw where he completed until matriculation in 2004 with three distinctions in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Although he was quiet, shy and less known in the early stage, he was unearthed as one of the most friendliest, outstanding and hard-working students ever seen in Maungdaw by a Maths teacher, Saya U Ba Lwin in 2002. H has got motivations from his classmates and seniors, but later many students were motivated by his selflessness, patience, industrious and tireless efforts to acquire knowledge.
For these deep-rooted qualities and the family background, he was provided with free tuition classes (normally very expensive) by famous teachers like of Saya U Zahingir, Saya U Ba Lwin, Saya U Shamsul Anwar, Saya U Sultan Ahmed, Late Sayama Daw R C (may Allah grant her Jannah) and many more. By grabbing opportunity firmly and blending with the qualities he had, he has managed to succeed the life he wanted, and he has offered hundreds of students with free tuition classes the way his teachers have provided him.
Unfortunately, heartbreakingly for all his friends, his pupils, his family and his people, Rohingya; and Rakhine alike, he has left us forever while trying to reach Malaysia from Maungdaw by sea route after he was refused by Burmese Junta to offer admission at a government medical university along with many Rohingya students including myself although he must deservedly be given the admission based on the rule and regulation, based on the qualities he had and marks he has got in the matriculation examination. The only reason for the repudiation to the university is being Rohingya Muslims from Northern Arakan state.
Until now, his whereabouts is unknown, his existence with life is un-discovered, he will forever be remained in our memory leaving behind his legacy in the community of Rohingya; and we strongly feel that he will be in a better place, a rewarding place, a peaceful place without discrimination, Jannah (Heaven) where all are based on virtues and good deeds. May Allah keep him safe!
We have spent more than 7 years studying in the same classes, the same school in the same years for the same purpose, acquire knowledge. Being a friend for such long, memory of him are keep haunting in my mind. Always remembering from the bottom of my heart.
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