If you were a Rohingya… [Pictorial]


Have you ever wondered why Rohingya people are considered as “one of the most persecuted people” in the world? Do you know how many Human Rights Violations they face from the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed by the United National General Assembly in Paris on December 10, 1948?

Following the Burma’s Independence in January 4, 1948, the country was one of 48 nations where were in favour of adopting the Declaration of Human Rights. However, it has taken U-turn in upholding the Charter when the country fell in the hands of dictator General Ne Win in March 2, 1962, who had ruled with an iron-fish, violating the whole U.N Charter of Human Rights when it comes to Rohingya.

Despite the violations, the international community, particularly the United Nations reluctantly remains silent, having the authoritative power to act and take actions on behalf of the victims.

As of 2014, Burma stands at 8th highest Human Right Risk Index among 197 countries across all human rights violations.

If you were a Rohingya, Human Rights continue to be a disaster and hoax, and you have an absolute no rights of 30 Articles drawn in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the country has signed from freedom & equality, legal recognition, nationality, education, healthcare, marriage, religion, mobility, employment, torture, unlawful detainment to life, liberty and security.

Click the below pictures to see what Human Rights you can enjoy if you were a Rohingya.

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