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One World One Heart


We all hear the same sounds. We look up and see the same sky. We cry the same tears. Our emotions and feelings are the same. All mothers are sisters. All fathers are brothers. All children are one.

Yet there’s hate. There’s violence. There’s intolerance. There’s confusion among people. We don’t try hard enough to understand each other. We don’t seem to realize that we all have the basic needs, no matter who we are or what part of the world we come from.

We must understand the difference among us and celebrate the sameness. We must make the world a place where love and friendship dominate our hearts. Equality, respect, compassion and kindness must guide our actions. Only then we will be able to peacefully and lovingly live in life we each choose.

We need to feel more to understand others.

We need to love more to be loved back.

We need to cry more to cleanse ourselves.

We need to laugh more to enjoy ourselves.

We need to honest and fair when interacting with people.

We need to establish a strong ethical basis as a way of life.

We need to see more than our own fantasies.

We need to hear more and listen to the needs of others.

We need to give more and take less.

We need to share more and own less.

We need to realize the importance of the family as a backbone of stability.

We need to look more and realize that we are not so different from one another.

We need to create a world where we can all peacefully live the life we choose.

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