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Rakhine Madness Syndrome



Rakhine Madness Syndrome (RMS), formally known as Rakhine Paranoid Disorder (RPD) is an anti-social or anti-Muslim or anti-Rohingya syndrome characterized by widespread violence and hatred towards socially and religiously different groups of people, predominantly found in a human species called Rakhine who mainly inhabiting in the western part of Burma or Myanmar.


According to Madness Combat Society (MCS), 3 out of 5 Rakhine living in Arakan, Burma are suffering some degree of RMS. The male to female ration is 100:1. It also occurs with Rakhine residing outside the state plays a significant roles spreading of endemic Rakhine Madness Syndrome. The syndrome spreads all across seasons with incubation period of a week to months.


There are a number of etiological factors that contribute initiating or spreading of Rakhine Madness Syndrome. The followings are some of them;

  • Burmese Government
  • Pseudohistory
  • Cryptohistory
  • Separatism
  • Ultra-nationalism
  • Neo-Nazism
  • Buddhism
  • 969 Extremism
  • Unethical Journalism
  • Natural resources
  • Miscellaneous


The main cause is still unknown. A theory suggests that there may be a genetic mutation in Rakhine during the process of welcoming Buddhism as their main religion through the western gate (border between Arakan and Indian Subcontinent). It is known that Rakhine were predominantly atheists or animists and there was a sudden defect on genes of Rakhine when they first experienced the light of Buddhism which teaches peace, love and harmony. The theory explains that Rakhine were unable to withstand the light causing spontaneous mutation.


Mostly of the time, the syndrome presents as asymptomatic, all other people of Burma or foreigners often miss the syndrome considering Rakhine are the most social or well-manner or caring Buddhists. The presentation of the syndrome is significantly obvious in endemic period. During the incubation period, Rakhine makes a story of Rohingya (a Muslim minority from Arakan) rapes or kills a Rakhine girl or kills a Rakhine monk or burns a Rakhine house or Rohingya are infiltrating from Bangladesh which with etiological factors ignite Rakhine Madness Syndrome. The common presentations are the mad subject mobs:

  • burn Rohingya or Muslim houses and mosques
  • loot shops and properties,
  • kill old, young, men or women
  • rape hapless girls and women
  • force Rohingya or Muslim to move concentrated camps and block humanitarian supports
  • get monetary aids from governments and NGOs to further build up the next episode
  • control media and spread “They are protecting Buddhism, without them Buddhism will be vanished!”


Diagnosis involves the statistical evaluation of dispersed Rohingya or Muslim communities within Arakan state.


Unfortunately, there is no treatment for Rakhine Madness Syndrome. It is very challenging treating RMS due to extreme level of “Egotism” and “Illusory Supremacy” than the rest, especially Rohingya and Muslim in general. Scientists from Burma and overseas are currently experimenting “Interfaith Consultation” which seems failing.


It is highly advisable to avoid a longterm contact with the subjects as it is extremely contagious and harmful for one’s safety during endemic and asymptomatic periods. The safety of your family or house is not assured due to the lack of action or the involvement of state police forces. Madness Combat Society (MCS) warns that Rakhine Madness Syndrome is becoming an epidemic spreading the rest of Burma based on the recent statistics and evidences.

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