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Rohingya – What is Next?


It is not a question of who are they?
But a question of why are they?

It is not a question of where were they?
But a question of where are they?

It is not a question of what is left?
But a question of what is next?

The distinctive native Muslim Ethnic group
– reduced to STATELESSNESS
– robbed to NOTHINGNESS
– subjected to HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES

“To deny people their rights is to challenge their very humanity.” Nelson Mandela

– native status
– citizenship
– identity
– dignity
– property
– home and land

Nothing left for THE NEXT
Accomplishing all 8 stages of Genocide

8 STAGES OF GENOCIDE as described by Greory H. Stanton, President of Genocide Watch

1. Classification
– ‘us and them’ by ethnicity, race & religion
“Rohingya are Kalar, Bengali & Muslim”

2. Symbolization
– ‘By colour and dress’
Giving names or symbols
“Rohingya are black and ugly as ogre”

3. Dehumanization
– ‘equate with animals, insects or diseases’
Denying the humanity of other group
“Rohingya are like mad dog and snake, and deserve to be killed”

4. Organization
– ‘Provide deniability of state responsibility’ Organizing plans for genocide by state
– 1982 citizenship law
– 2015 Race and Religion laws
– mobilization of extremists
– human rights violations
– human trafficking
– concentration camps
– restriction to basic needs
– population
– disenfranchisement

5. Polarization
– ‘Polarizing propaganda’
By hate groups
Law forbids intermarriage or social interaction
Political moderates are silenced, threatened and intimidated
– Mabatha extremist organization
– 969 extremist organization
– Rakhine extremist
– Aung San Suu Kyi
– 8888 Students

6. Preparation
– ‘Death List’
Separating victims because of ethnic or religious identity
Call to segregate and annihilate Rohingya from Burma

7. Extermination
– ‘Mass Killing’
The killers believe the victims to be not fully human
Consider Rohingya as mad dogs which need to be killed by anymeans
Launch numerous operations
– Mayu Operation: 1952-53
– Mone Thone Operation: 1954
– Combined Immigration and Army Operation: 1955
– Union Military Police Operation: 1955-58
– Captain Htin Kyaw Operation: 1959
– Shwe Kyi Operation: 1966
– Kyi Gan Operation: 1966
– Ngazinka Operation: 1967-69
– Myat Mon Operation: 1969-71
– Major Aung Than Operation: 1973
– Sabe Operation: 1974-78
– King Dragon Operation: 1978-79
– Shwe Hintha Operation: 1978-80
– Galone Operation: 1979
– Pyi Thaya Operation: 1991-92
– Ongoing: since 2012

8. Denial
– ‘Covering up evidence’
Deny of crimes, often blame on the victims, levelled as ethnic conflict
– Denial of the ongoing genocide
– Denial of the state’s involvement
– Denial of access to major crime scenes
– Access restriction to displaced Rohingya
– Clearance of the evidence
– Blaming of Rohingya
– Named ‘Rakhine-Bengali conflict’

No Human Rights left unabused.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  1. Freedom and Equality: article 1
  2. Human Rights for All: article 2
  3. Freedom of Religion: article 18
  4. Freedom of Expression: article 19
  5. Freedom of Education: article 26
  6. Freedom of Marriage: article 16
  7. Freedom of Movement: article 13
  8. Freedom of Nationality: article 15
  9. Freedom of Fair Employment: article 23
  10. Personal Property: article 17
  11. Health and Wellbeing: article 25
  12. Social Security: article 22
  13. Life, Liberty and Security: article 3
  14. Freedom from Slavery: article 4
  15. Freedom from Torture: article 5
  16. Freedom from Unlawful Detainment: article 9
  17. Fair and Public Trail: article 10
  18. Legal Recognition: article 6
  19. Legal Equality: article 7
  20. Democratic Participation: article 21


Despite being natives, they have lost everything.

“The first is that spoken by the Mohammedans, who have been long settled in Arakan, and who call themselves Rooinga or natives of Arakan.” Francis Buchanan, M.D, 1799

On the verge of disenfranchizement having participated in every election since Independence.
– Abdul Gaffar
– Sultan Ahmed
– Nasir Uddin
– Abdul Bashor
– Sultan Ahmed
– Abdul Gaffar
– Daw Aye Nyunt
Burma 1st Woman MP
– Ezar Miah
– Abul Bashor
– Sultan Ahmed
– Abul Khair
– Sultan Mahmood
– Abdul Gaffar
– Abul Bashor
– U Rashid
– Abul Khair
– Abdu Sobahan
– Sultan Mahmood
Minister of Education
– Abul Hussain
– Dr. Abdu Rahim
– Tun Aung Kyaw
– Kyaw Min
– Tin Min
– Chit Lwin
– Fazal Ahmed
– U Shwe Maung
– U Aung Zaw Win
– U Tay Win
– U Aung Myo Min

On the verge of major crisis having displaced and exploited
On the verge of extinction having persecuted over 5 decades

“There is a time to be quiet and a time to talk.” Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

How long that silence be?

“A right delayed is a right denied.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Your silence grants consent to the very extinction of Rohingya
Yours silence encourages perpetrators to continue the extinction of Rohingya
The world in unison can prevent Rohingya to be the next extinct race from the soil of Arakan.

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