Freedom of Galway: Letter from FormerResident of ‘City of Tribes’

As the city which has enlightened my hope and dream of education, I seek nothing, but the hope from you to stick with the principles to honour, stand and provide hope to the victims of “21 Century Genocide” that the world still cares, there is compassion and the solidarity stands unstained, and that there is […]

Letter from Rohingya to Dublin City Council on Aung San Suu Kyi, Freedom of City of Dublin

When the members of Rohingya community visited the Mansion House in the heart of city on September 19, the Lord Mayor of Dublin showed the plate hung in the house. It strikes us deep in our heart with the extreme example of solidarity, generosity, kindness and compassion that the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma showed towards […]

A Rohingya’s Message from Dublin

By Haikal Mansor Ireland can no longer wait. This great country experienced the worst in the past when a million men, women, young boys and girls lost their lives in one of the largest tragedies in the history of humanity, partly resulted in disorganization of the ruling at the time and “too little too late” […]

BREAKDOWN OF AUNG SAN SUU KYI’S SPEECH: Lies, Victims blaming, Defence of Military, etc.

By Haikal Mansor The widely anticipated Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech is a typical example of denial and lie when her National League for Democracy (NLD) government is in direct complicit with Myanmar armed forces in the campaign of genocide against Rohingya. “I reaffirmed our faith and confidence in the purpose and principles of the […]

BURMA’S ARMED FORCES: A LIE TOO MANY– Leaked video of Koe Tan Kauk

By Haikal Mansor When an army lies, it lies too many too often Since General Ne Win’s coup on March 2, 1962, Tatmadaw (Burma’s Armed Forces) becomes adelusional institution entirely built on a lie. He announced the lie after coup, “I have to inform you, citizens of the Union that Armed Forces havetaken over the […]

Aung San Suu Kyi, look yourself in the mirror, instead of pointing fingers at Genocide Victims

By Haikal Mansor “I am somewhat appalled by her dismissive reaction to concerns I raised this morning about the problem of human trafficking in her country.” US Senator (GOP) Bob Corker (, 14 September 2016 Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, reflect on your own complicity in the genocide of my fellow Rohingya people, […]

Zaw Htay or Hmuu Zaw, A Bigot in the President Office

The transition of Thein Sein’s Genocidal government to Aung San Suu Kyi led NLD government leaves behind a bigoted legacy in the President’s Office, the President’s Spokesperson. Two completely different governments, but the same spokesperson, Zaw Htay. The Magway-born retired major is well-known for his inflammatory nationalism under (used to be Hmuu Zaw) Facebook name, […]

Blunder Embrace, Bizarre Coincidence, False Flag and Ugly Campaign against Rohingya

By Haikal Mansor Days after U.S. lifting of sanctions, another nightmare for Rohingya takes place in Northern Rakhine State The wounds and the nightmares of 2012 Genocidal Campaign barely disappear and the removal of Myanmar military officers from the U.S. blacklist hardly enters into second day, another episode of military operation against the minority Rohingya […]