Thura Aung Ko: Myanmar’s Minister of Propaganda | English and Burmese Subtitles

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After he referred Islam “an extreme religion” and created the fear of Buddhist-majority Myanmar becoming into a Buddhist-minority country, THURA AUNG KO – Myanmar’s Minister of Religious Affairs and Culture, now promotes the widely-spread propaganda against Rohingya.

On Tuesday, Thura Aung Ko, a former Brigadier-general, regurgitated his Islamophobic, racist and extremist views held towards Rohingya Muslims. He defended his use of “an extreme religion” and claimed that he was referring to “Bengali”, a term taken out of the playbook of Myanmar Military and Buddhist nationalists.

He also smeared the fear that the future plan of “overpopulated” Rohingya is to march towards Rakhine State and then to “occupy Myanmar” by demanding “Safe Zone” over the Myanmar’s territory. He said he feared that Rakhine State will lose its territory if the International Forces deployed, which is led by OIC.

He is often seen paying homage to extremist Buddhist monks such as Wirathu.

Aung Ko, who calls himself “a pure Buddhist”, plays an important role in the rise of Islamophobia, hate speech and violence since he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs in 2011 under the Myanmar Military-back government. He was handpicked by Aung San Suu Kyi and promoted to Minister of Religious Affairs and Culture in 2016.

On his first day as the minister in April 2016, he stated that Muslims will only be considered as “associate citizens rather than full citizens” in Myanmar.

Interview subtitles by: Aung Aung

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