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Truth vs. Lie: Governments’ Recognition of Rohingya


Burma’s falling into the hands of Dictator Ne Win in 1962, erupted a volcanic lie on the existence of Rohingya through propagandas, policies and laws.

His successive military regimes continued the legacy of lie – “There is no Rohingya.”

“We don’t have a people called Rohingya”, [July 13, 2013] become the favourite phrase of Thein Sein’s government.

Endorsing the lie, the current commander-in-chief of Burma, Min Aung Hlaing, said, “As we have said before, there are no Rohingya.” [May 13, 2016]

Even the Nobel Peace Laureate and Woman above the current President, Aung San Suu Kyi, “Doesn’t want to hear” the term ‘Rohingya’. [May 6, 2016]

They continue to lie and ignore the existence and recognition of Rohingya by Governments in Post-Independence Era.

The truth is Rohingya existed and recognized as an Ethnic group of Burma.

Following Independence, the first elected President of Burma, Sao Shwe Thaike, said, “Muslims of Arakan (Rohingyas) certainly belong to one of the indigenous races of Burma…. In fact, there is no pure indigenous race in Burma, if they do not belong to indigenous races of Burma, we also cannot be taken as indigenous races of Burma”

He was not alone. U Nu, the first Elected Prime Minister of Burma‬ announced in September 28, 1954, “The people living in northern Arakan are our national brethren. They are called Rohingyas. They are on the same par in the status of nationality with Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Mon, Rakhine and Shan.”

U Ba Swe, the second Prime Minister of Burma assured Rohingya in November 4, 1959. “The Rohingya has the equal status of nationality with Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Mon, ‪‎Rakhine‬ and Shan.”

Unlike Min Aung Hlaing, Brigadier Aung Gyi, Vice Chief of Staff of Burma Armed Forces, observed the Right to Self-identification – ‪‎Rohingya‬ leaders asked us not to call the Rohingya “Khaw Taw”, nor “Bengali”, nor Chittagonian Kalar (niggers), nor “Rakhine ‪‎Muslims‬”. Instead they said their preferred and self-referential ethnic name was the Arabic word Rohingya….” [November 15, 1951]

In Burma, LIE Continues; TRUTH been Ignored.


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