A Revived Dream


Once, just in front of me,
Glittering, standing above like a majestic sun.
It was almost out of my memory.
It was almost forgotten –
The Dream, My Dream.
Suddenly, between me and my dream,
Ascending slowly
Slowly like a supreme fortress.
Ascend till reached the sky –
The Wall, My Despiration.

Then, before me,
No more the light of my dream.
Above me,
No longer the majesty of my dream.
I am in darkness. I lie down in the shadow, only the shadow-
The Thick Wall, My Hopelessness.

But, fearlessly with my dark hands in the darkness,
Split the wall! Look for my dream!
Help me to Break the darkness!
To blast the night, to Break the shadow,
Into a million lights of the Sun,
Into a million twirling dreams of the Sun –
The Dream, My Revived Dream!