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A Case Study on How and Why Rohingya Refugees are Neglected in Bangladesh

 Category: Reports  Publisher: Ehteshamul Haque  Published: 12 October 2021  Tags: BangladeshRohingyaRohingya Refugees |  Download


In the 21 century, Rohingya refugee is one of the most discussed issues trembling the world people’s heart and mind as global media-both electric and print focused on the misery of Rohingya minority in Myanmar and then in Bangladesh after taking refuge beginning in 1978 (after independence of Bangladesh) and then in 1991, 2012 and at last in 2016 also with a little continuity of fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh. This study is divided into three sections. Firstly, it discusses the historical background Rohingya refugees arriving into Bangladesh. Then, after coming to Bangladesh, how their life is threatened and frightened is illustrated with some secondary data of interview. Finally, this paper concludes with the decision that Rohingya refugees are seriously neglected in Bangladesh because of different legal restrictions from the government and also for multidimensional national security issue.