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Confined Space: Rohingya in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailan

 Category: Reports  Publisher: Equal Rights Trust  Published: 1 December 2016  Tags: IndonesiaMalaysiaRohingyaRohingya RefugeesThailand |  Download


The Rohingya are among the most vulnerable ethno-religious groups in the world. Seeking to escape the persecution and abuses they face in their native Myanmar, they flee to neighbouring states. Many Rohingya, having sought refuge in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries, are stateless and find themselves subject to discrimination in all areas of life in the countries from which they seek protection. The situation of the Rohingya persists against the backdrop of an international legal framework designed to protect such individuals. To date, there has been no detailed examination of the extent to which the national legal frameworks in destination countries provide adequate protection to enable Rohingya to realise their rights. This publication seeks to address this gap in respect of three destination countries: Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand.