Myanmar Plays with ‘Dead-bodies’ [Vidoe]

As evidence mounts to genocidal acts against Rohingya, Myanmar Military plays with unverified and unidentified dead-bodies uncovered in Kha Maung Seik [Fakirabazar], Maungdaw.

Quickly points finger to Rohingya insurgents while denying and blocking independent investigations.

The military and the NLD government independently claimed that the victims are ‘Hindu’, and exploit Hindu villagers to spread propaganda and divert attention from the military’s genocidal crimes.

Hindu girls who have fled to Bangladesh with the help of Rohingya villagers, testified that their loved ones were killed by the military and Rakhine extremists.

Hindu Girls: We are from Fakirabazar [Kha Maung Seik, Maungdaw], Burma.

Man: Were there any abuses on you by Muslims?

Hindu Girls: No, no. They have never abused us. Instead, they helped moving across us here.

MAN: Who are they maltreating [oppressing] you?

Hindu Girl 1: Rakhine are oppressing us so much… firing [gun] shots, killing and slaughtering.

Man: Only Muslims are slaughtered there.

Hindu Girl 2: Because our husbands did not collaborate with them in killing Muslims, they killed our husbands.

Man: Is that why you fled along with [Rohingya] Muslims?

Hindu Girls 2: Yes, yes.

As the military seeks the attention of India’s Hindu Hardliners, the Hindu girls have changed their testimony and followed the military’s propaganda narratives.

HINDU GIRL 1: We were beaten when we were in Burma.

Man 1: So they were all Muslims.

HINDU GIRL 2: Our fathers were killed with shovels.

MAN 2: Was your father killed?

HINDU GIRLS: Yes. [nodding]

HINDU GIRL 1: All people from two villages were killed.

MAN 1: Did they shout ‘Allahu Akbar’?

HINDU GIRL 1: They used multi-language.

Man 2: Did they recite ‘Allahu Akbar’ while slaughtering?

GIRLS: Yes, yes.

The girls ‘allegedly’ witnessed that the Hindu were burned down with petrol, however, the military found intact ‘dead-bodies’ in mass-grave.

HINDU GIRL 2: After gathering in a mass-pit, burned with petrol.

MAN 1: Poured petrol in one pit.

HINDU GIRL 2: The fire burned vigorously.

Another Hindu man witnessed a squad of masked-men killing Rohingya Muslims.

MAN: Are the black [masked] squad Muslims?

HINDU MAN: I don’t know who they are.

MAN: You don’t know whether they are Muslims.

HINDU MAN: I don’t know.

MAN: The black squad were also killing them.

HINDU MAN: They are also killing them.

In early September, the military used people to stage ‘Rohingya burning own houses’, which was later exposed to be hired Hindu.

Now the military propagate the ‘dead-bodies’ as Hindu to absorb Hindu hardliners and avoid condemnation on their genocide against Rohingya.